The Health Benefits of Eggs

Eggs, the perfect diet?  Eggs took a bad rap. Decades ago eggs were the staple food for American breakfasts. Most of the time they were the main course of the meal. Many people would prepare eggs by frying them in a skillet on top of the stove and they would season them with a lot […]

Omelets with a Difference

If you have never tried Spanish omelets, you haven’t lived. The nice thing about them is that they provide a means of using up odd ingredients and taste delicious. The fillings tried in a Spanish omelet by the author have been very successful and a talking point at dinner parties, since they are unusual and […]

All about Souffle Omelets

Souffle omelets are another version of the souffle proper offering a variety of sweet or savory options.  Just as tempting with their delectable flavors, airy texture and spectacular appearances, but with not as many problems to the cook. Often, the dessert souffle omelet will be brought to the table in a shroud of blue flames of rum, […]

Health Benefits of Eggs

In a struggling economy, folks are looking for inexpensive food sources to maintain their health and fitness, and eggs are both a low-cost and a low-calorie solution, at a mere 75 calories each. Although eggs have received some negative press in the recent past regarding their health benefits, new studies have shown that they are […]

An Easy Beginners Guide to Chinese Wok Cooking

Chinese wok cooking is one of the most time efficient and healthiest cooking methods in the world. The food is cooked at very high temperatures, meaning it is not only cooked quickly but in a way that does not cause the valuable nutrients to be lost as they are during other, longer cooking procedures. There […]

Butter as a Victim of Public Opinion

The food police in Britain and America said, in the 1970s, that butter was bad for human health. Food experts said that studies showed that butter contained large amounts of cholesterol and advised that the new low fat, soft margarines were far better for a healthy diet. We know now that most of them contained […]

Simple Crab Cleaning for Beginners

Dungeness crabs are a delectable treat for many people, particularly on the West Coast. They can be used in many seafood dishes and grow to a relatively large size. Like most seafood, though, dungeness crabs are best when they are as fresh as possible. If they are really fresh, this often means that they will […]

Raw Milk Organic Milk Pasteurization Benefits of Milk

What is the difference between raw milk and organic milk? Which one is better? This is something that has bewildered many people in recent years. It is something that has been talked about a lot more than ever before as people are becoming far more health conscious then in the past. We are still unsure […]

The best Cheese

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different cheeses to choose from. They come in all shapes and sizes, colours, textures and even odours. Each country has a selection to offer which is specific to that country and even to a region in that country. They range in price because some have been matured for […]

Morel Mushrooms for Beginners

People who love mushrooms usually have their own particular favorites. This is the case with morel mushrooms, and a large number of mushroom lovers adore their flavor. General overview Despite often being called “morel mushrooms,” morchella esculentoides or morels aren’t actually mushrooms, though they are fungi. Mushroom is still a convenient name for this species. […]